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Adding DICOM Imaging Studies to Clinical Data Ingestion
By Richard Duggan    |    Published June 17, 2021

The Alvearie Imaging Ingestion component provides a number of subcomponents for ingesting, managing, and routing medical imaging studies. This post explores how to use a subset of those subcomponents to augment the Clinical Data Ingestion and Enrichment health patterns with medical imaging study information.

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Introducing the IBM Cohort and Quality Measure Service
By Rick Stevens    |    Published June 3, 2021

The IBM Cohort and Quality Measure Service (aka IBM Cohort Service) is an open, Java-based service supporting evaluation of clinical logic expressed as CQL and quality measures composed from CQL-based cohort definitions against patient data represented as HL7 FHIR. IBM Cohort Service builds upon and extends a number of other open source initiatives oriented around support for CQL including CQL Engine, Clinical Quality Language and cqf ruler.

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Reduce the Risk of Subject Re-Identification Using the IBM Data De-Identification Server
By Denis Ricard    |    Published June 2, 2021

Once any information is digitized and secured using methods such as encryption, firewalls and authorization mechanisms, the next logical step is to mine the data to gain insight. However, before any personal data can be used to support secondary purposes, applicable privacy laws that govern this personal data, such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, or others, must be understood and adhered to in addition to security requirements.

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SMART App Launch with Keycloak and the IBM FHIR Server
By Lee Surprenant    |    Published March 23, 2021

The IBM FHIR Server implements HL7 FHIR version 4.0.1 (R4) and supports the FHIR REST API for each resource type defined in the specification. However, one thing that neither the HL7 FHIR specification nor the IBM FHIR Server prescribe is the security model for this interface. Enter SMART on FHIR. Read more

Getting Started with Project Alvearie
By David Ranum    |    Published March 8, 2021

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has an interest in healthcare. Whether you are a provider, a payer, a patient, a researcher, or some other important part of the complex healthcare web, the way that healthcare is managed and delivered matters to you. Simply put, you care about the way healthcare happens. Read more

4 reasons to join open source Project Alvearie and help solve healthcare's toughest problems
By Adam Orentlicher    |    Published February 16, 2021

Healthcare data is often trapped in a maze of digital applications or records systems that don’t interoperate. As a result, healthcare technology professionals are limited in their ability to bring data, technology, and clinical expertise together to transform healthcare for providers, payers, governments, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare organizations. Read more

Using Open Source to Build a Healthcare Record Ingestion Pattern
By Luis A Garcia and David L Ranum   |    Published February 9, 2021 (updated August 10, 2021)

The increasing digitization of healthcare records has made it more important to have a set of technologies and infrastructure that enable healthcare organizations to effectively create, store, transform, exchange, and consume these records. This post demonstrates how it is possible to build a reference implementation for processing healthcare records that addresses several common use cases, using only open source technologies. Read more