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Components and Related Projects

Alvearie Components

Alvearie is made up of many individual services and components that can be used together to build a health data pipeline. Below is a list of those services, which will be growing over time.

IBM's implementation of the HL7 FHIR specification simplifies data management by allowing you to exchange disparate datasets between applications that were previously incompatible.  Learn more about the IBM FHIR Server
A "front door" for data integrators to send healthcare data into the Alvearie environment, which supports both batch processing and data streaming workflows.

HRI Pipeline Adapters

NiFi flows that consume data from the Health Record Ingestion service

Data De-Identification

A wide range of de-identification capabilities designed to support GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and other privacy frameworks allowing organizations to meet their regulatory and privacy requirements.
Service to evaluate quality measure and cohort specifications against a target patient data set.
A FHIR Implementation Guide that extends the FHIR v4 Base.

DICOM to FHIR Converter

A service that transforms DICOM resoures to FHIR resources.

HL7 to FHIR Converter

A java-based library that enables conversion of HL7 v2 messages to FHIR resources
The Imaging Ingestion component brings a number of capabilities to the Alvearie ecosystem. It provides all of the necessary capability to extend the reach of existing enterprise medical imaging systems to a modern hybrid cloud.

Health Data Traceability and Logging

A framework for healthcare applications to address regulatory requirements related to collecting, retaining, protecting, and monitoring logs of access to Protected Health Information (PHI).

LinuxForHealth (LFH) is a distributed processing network operating system which allows edge devices (IoT, workstations, app servers) to connect directly to health care transaction systems. The processing model abstracts the need for intermediary third-party organizations, resulting in a developer-extensible trust protocol.
iDaaS is a health industry design pattern and reusable framework that is a blueprint for accessing, connecting, and integrating to/with health data at scale, batch and real-time. It is intended to be deployed on Red Hat's open source integration products (3Scale, Fuse, AMQ Streams) which are supported versions of open source community projects.